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Sell a Damaged Rental House to Cash Buyers

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Have tenants ruined your house? Fed up with being a landlord, but don’t know how to sell a damaged rental house? We know how frustrating and stressful that can be.

What Happens to a Mortgage After Divorce?

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This type of question comes at a time when your life is probably in turmoil. This is just one of many questions that you have to find answers for.

Selling a House As Is

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Some owners may be financially strapped and unable to make the major repairs required to sell in peak condition. Others consider selling a house as is to get a fast sale.

How do I Sell My House in Houston Without Making Repairs?

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Selling a home can be a daunting process for the average homeowner. You’re probably stuck thinking “How am I going to sell my house without making repairs on it?”

How to do a Divorce Sale in TX

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Once the decision has been reached that a divorce is eminent, a lot of questions are raised. One of these is, “What happens to the house in a divorce?”