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Can You Refinance a House After Divorce?

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If you are the one who keeps the home after the divorce, you will have to take the loan while the other spouse goes through the buyout. Refinancing takes time and it’s often an emotional process.

Sell A House Fast in Houston: 5 Tips For Success

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Have plans and need to sell a house fast in Houston? Here are 5 proven tips that are sure to help you sell your house quickly. No. 2 might surprise you.

What is a Divorce House Buyout?

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Divorce house buyout may seem to add more complications in the divorce process. Getting a divorce can bring a lot of stress on yourself, your spouse and your entire family.

Options to Sell Your House Fast When Facing Foreclosure

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This article will help you break down and explain all questions you might have about how to sell your house fast when facing foreclosure.

Can You Sell a House Before Probate in TX?

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Many people find themselves looking for information about selling a house before probate. This is either because they have inherited a house through a will or have been named as executor in this document.